My name is Geraldine Carter and I help CPAs get out off the accounting hamster wheel. I hope that Smart Strategy for CPAs will help achieve this, one listener at a time.

Yes, I’d like to guest on your podcast!

I’ve recorded hundreds of podcast episodes both as a guest and a host, and I can bring that experience to your show.

As a podcast host, I know how hard it is to produce a great podcast. I know how to be a great guest – I show up on time, with my ATR 2100 at the ready, full of great content and stories to get your audience thinking.

If you’d like to book me, email your pitch to me at geraldine@shethinksbigcoaching.com and we’ll set up a date.

Short Bio


Hi! I am Geraldine Carter, the founder of She Thinks Big Coaching. I was the CFO of a business I co-founded – one that has generated millions of dollars for sustainability efforts.

After seeing how many small businesses suffered at the hands of their too-busy CPAs (and being one of them), I became a business coach, and now I go right to the source.  I coach CPAs to stop being so busy for the masses, and start making a real difference in their select clients’ businesses, while making their own business more profitable and more sane.

In my free time, I can be found mountain biking forested trails or running after my two small children in my hometown of Ketchum, ID.