May 24, 2023

245 Niching into Female-Owned Law Firms with Julie Powell, CPA

245 Niching into Female-Owned Law Firms with Julie Powell, CPA
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Many CPAs are hesitant to niche because they are afraid of limiting their potential client base and revenue.

But niching can actually help CPA firms attract more qualified clients and grow their business faster.

Julie Powell is a CPA from Tennessee who is currently in Down to 25 Hours CPA Mastermind. She shares her journey of niching and the benefits that it has created for her CPA firm.


— “Niching is not irreversible.  If I focus on this niche for a couple of years and then find out it's not the best fit, I can always pivot and select a different niche.”

— “One obvious benefit has been the efficiencies in our internal workflows. By doing more work for clients that are similar, we can really dial in our processes.” 

— “The more we're focused on this niche, and the more we really understand them, the better we are able to communicate that to potential clients in a way that really resonates with them and attracts them to our firm.”

— “Having that deeper understanding of a client makes the discovery process so much better. Not just for me in delivering it, but also for the client in understanding what we do and how we can help them.”

— “Niching hasn’t been limiting at all. Because now that we're beginning to really understand this type of client better, we can do more things for them.” 

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